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Sky Devils by GETer

Authors: Wang Leng, Duncan, Ying Zhi, Mark


Sky Devils is a game about high flying daredevils gliding across the cityscape and avoiding the skyscrapers. It is not enough to just glide far distances, be daring! Get close to buildings to score points and maintain proximity to rake up a high score. Challenge your friends and play together in this online multiplayer game.

How does it fit the theme?

The game challenges you to earn points based on your proximity with buildings. So, are you close enough? Get closer and outscore your friends.

How to play?

WASD is one way to control your daredevil. We call him Jet.

Alternatively, you can use the mouse to control your daredevil. Simply left click, hold and drag Jet around. Not earning high enough points? You are not close enough! But don't clash with buildings as that would kill you and causing you to lose precious lives. When the cityscape seems clear, you will be respawned to continue your daring glide only if you have enough lives.


As a multiplayer game, the aim of the game is to have up to 4 players compete to get the highest score possible in this endless randomly-generated cityscape. Glide close to buildings and rake up the highest score.

Power Ups

Speed Up: Temporarily increases your gliding speed

Hollow: Temporarily allows you to glide through buildings

Bonus Points: The name says it all.

Get Connected

The first player should HOST the game. Remember to name yourself. Other players will then be required to input the host's IP address before they JOIN.

Published Dec 03, 2016
Average sessionA few seconds
MultiplayerAd-hoc networked multiplayer


SkyDevil_Windows.zip 23 MB
SkyDevil_macOS.app.zip 26 MB
SkyDevil-SourceCode.zip 145 MB